Meghan Markle’s Organization Paid Michelle Obama’s Ex-PR Chief $100k

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s charity paid a lot of money to the woman who used to handle all of Michelle Obama’s public relations and some people can smell politics.

The information came out in the Archewell Foundation’s 2021 tax disclosure documents, which look like they were just posted in March. The media looked at the documents over the weekend. They saw that MM and company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on strategic PR consulting.

A little more than $215,000 was given to a company called Invisible Hand. This company focuses on social impact and culture and offers many different PR services.

However, what caught people’s attention was the $110,000 paid to a company called KMLSA, a good old-fashioned PR agency near San Diego, CA. The top dog at this organization is Katie Mccormick-Lelyveld, who is directly connected to the Obamas.

She was, in fact, Michelle’s Press Secretary for a while. From 2007 to 2011, she worked for the former First Lady. She has also done public relations work for Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, both of whom are huge political figures.

Her company, KML Strategic Advisors, says, “From the corporate war room to the media battlefield, the corner office to the White House, KML Strategic Advisors are your guides through rarified air.” Looking at her resume, that’s pretty accurate.

Now, it’s unclear what the Archewell Foundation paid these two PR firms for since their tax return only says “Strategic Support for Social Impact PR.”

That could be taken in a million different ways, but some people see it as a sign that Meghan might be getting ready to run for public office and is hiring the best people in the business to help her. It could also have something to do with their Royal drama.

We know that Meg and Harry are very involved in their charity work, so it’s possible that the PR consulting is also about that. But at the same time, we know Meghan cares a lot about causes, and D.C. is the best place to advocate and fight for them.

We guess that only time will tell!