MetaQuest Pro Aims to Improve Collaboration and Inspire Creativity in the Workplace

At this year’s CES expo, Meta demonstrated the new Quest Pro virtual reality headset and claimed its applications in the workplace.

Using augmented reality, the improved headset from Facebook’s parent firm allows users to interact with both the virtual and real worlds.

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Meta Quest Pro aims not only to improve how employees, particularly those in distant situations, engage and cooperate but also to provide a workplace that is not limited by real-world constraints. Architects, interior designers, and even construction companies can benefit from constructing projects in augmented reality.

In terms of collaboration, Meta Quest Pro eliminates obstacles between geographically dispersed employees. A worker in California can collaborate on a project with a colleague in New York City with a few simple taps and swipes, despite being nearly 3,000 miles apart.

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Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Meta, stated in October, upon the product’s unveiling, “It’s designed for cooperation and innovation.” “One of the problems of remote work is bringing individuals together in a shared place for interaction. “

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“If a few individuals are physically present in a conference room and a few others are phoning in, the experience is seldom particularly satisfying. Consequently, we are developing a superior method utilizing all Quest Pro offers.”

While the Pro’s technology is superior to the Quest 2, so is its starting price: $1,099 vs. $399 for the Quest 2.