Michelle Yeoh Shows Father’s Grave Alongside Oscar Trophy

Michelle Yeoh visits her father’s grave in Malaysia with Oscar trophy.

The actress shared a poignant moment on Instagram by posting a picture of herself clutching an Oscars trophy at her father’s gravesite on Wednesday.

Yeoh commemorated Qing Ming, a Chinese traditional festival observed in various South Asian countries, by visiting her parent’s grave. During this festival, individuals pay respects to their ancestors by cleaning their tombs and offering food.

The actress captioned her post with, “Bringing Mr. O Home.” I owe my current state to my parents’ unwavering love, trust, and support. “Love” – Expressing Affection and Emotion.

Yeoh was awarded Best Actress for her outstanding performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once last month.

In her acceptance speech, the 60-year-old celebrity expressed that her achievement is a symbol of hope and opportunities for all the children who share her appearance. Dreaming big is proof that dreams can come true.

“Ladies, never let anyone tell you you are past your prime. Never give up,” she emphasized.

Yeoh’s historic Oscars win marks the first victory for Asian actors in the category.