Mike Tyson Claims That Jamie Foxx Had a Stroke

Mike Tyson, who used to be a professional boxer, says that star Jamie Foxx has had a stroke. Earlier stories said that he was worried about his health for reasons that weren’t clear.

The 55-year-old has been getting care in Chicago at a place that helps adults with “severe, complex conditions,” like recovering from a stroke. Tyson said the following things on the Valuetainment podcast:

“He’s not feeling well. They said a stroke. I have no idea what happened to him.”

In April, Foxx was taken to the hospital while working on a new action comedy with Cameron Diaz called “Back in Action.” The movie was being shot in Georgia. Reports say that his health problems have caused several problems on set, and that Diaz has had to use body doubles to film her parts.

Corinne, the actor’s daughter, was one of the people who went to see him at the center over the weekend. She was seen as she walked into the center, which is considered one of the country’s best places for drug rehab.