Moderna Lowers Vax Price 400% After Bernie Promised to Grill CEO

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) vowed to question Moderna’s CEO about plans to quadruple the cost of its COVID-19 vaccine during a Senate hearing next month, but the company abruptly changed course and declared in a statement that the vaccine would remain free to all customers “regardless of their ability to pay.” Following allegations that the pharmaceutical firm was considering raising the cost of its vaccinations by more than 400 percent to $130 per dosage, the company received harsh criticism last month.

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Additionally, the Biden administration stated in May that a public health emergency that would have obliged Americans without insurance to foot the tab would be ending sooner than expected. On Wednesday at noon, Sanders said he had Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel in his sights in an interview with The Washington Post. We’ll question them, “Hey, you made billions in profit on a vaccine developed with taxpayer financing… you’ve become a multibillionaire, and you think it’s appropriate to quadruple costs and cost the federal government even more money?” said Sanders. And I think, I really hope that these individuals will change their minds about making the vaccination more expensive and opt against it.