Moonbin’s Company Shut Down His Weverse Community

After Moonbin’s death, the agency for the K-pop group Astro will shut down Moonbin’s Weverse Community with Sanha. On April 19, 2023, Moonbin died.

The two people started their Weverse community on April 17, just two days before the sad death of the hero. In their announcement, the agency went into more detail by writing:

“This is Fantagio.

While expressing our deep grief at the sudden passing of our artist ASTRO’s Moonbin, we are making an announcement regarding the suspension of Moonbin&Sanha’s Weverse service.

All services within Moonbin&Sanha’s Weverse platform will end on April 30.

Following the termination of service, it will not be possible to view or upload posts, photos, or videos on all menus, and it will not be possible to enter the community following the end of service.

If you need to back up the content in Moonbin&Sanha’s Weverse community, please proceed with the backup individually.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused in using the service.”