Musk Sleeps at Twitter Office After ‘Painful’ Takeover

On Tuesday, Elon Musk said that he sleeps on a couch in Twitter’s office and that running the company has been “quite painful” for him.

In a hastily arranged interview with the BBC that was streamed live on Twitter Spaces, Musk said he’s been spending nights at the company’s office in a library on the seventh floor “that nobody goes to.” He also said he doesn’t regret spending $44 billion to buy Twitter, even though the “pain level” has been “extremely high.” He also admitted that he had made mistakes on the platform. “Have I already hurt myself with tweets more than once? Yes,” Musk said.

Musk said that after he made a lot of cuts to payroll, the company now has about 1,500 employees instead of about 7,000. He also said that the company is now “roughly breaking even.” He also accused the reporter interviewing him of lying about hate speech on the platform and joked that the BBC was “not thrilled” to be labeled state-affiliated media there. “You claimed that hateful content is high,” Musk said. “That is false, you just lied.”