Natalie Portman and Ryan Reynolds Are in Talks to Play for Opposing Football Teams

Natalie Portman, who is a co-owner of Angel City FC, is trying to set up a game between the Los Angeles-based team and Wrexham AFC Women, which Ryan Reynolds owns.

The two are making plans for a friendly match between the women’s teams.

Portman owns a part of Angel City FC along with actress Eva Longoria, WTA winner Serena Williams, and former US soccer star Mia Hamm.

The team wants to do what Wrexham FC did as it gets ready to show the new docuseries “Angel City.”

Natalie Portman told ET at the LA premiere of the show, “I’ve been lucky enough to talk to him(Ryan Reynolds) about his journey, and he’s so inspirational for what he’s done with Wrexham, and they have a women’s team also. So, we have talked about kind of having some friendly matches at some point.”

On May 16, “Angel City” will be shown on HBO.

Even though the project is moving forward now, Portman says it was hard to get people to commit to it at first.

“It was incredible to get the support from all of those friends, and it was, it was really moving when people came on board because it wasn’t obvious, and we got a lot of no’s before we got yes’. And I feel like I didn’t realize what a big lift it was, and that might have stopped me from doing it if I understood how hard it was going to be.”