National Day for Singles Overcoming Your “Love Blocks”

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult holiday for singles to endure, and while many individuals celebrate National Singles Day by being alone, Cheddar News spoke with Shay Levister, a certified love coach, who has a few smart recommendations that could make next year’s Valentine’s Day more enjoyable for singles.

Levister advised singles to determine whether they are genuinely prepared for a serious relationship.

“I frequently tell others that “nothing plus nothing equals nothing.” If you have nothing within you because you’re injured and you’re looking for someone else to cover and hide that, you will just experience more pain “She elaborated.

Image source: Pexelbay

Levister also observed that people typically have “love barriers” that prevent them from meeting their ideal spouses. According to the coach, a solid indicator of whether you are obstructing your own love blessings is if it takes more than three months to attract a partner. If so, you probably have some internal work to complete.

“A love block is a thought, action, or idea that prevents you from attracting the love you desire. And it’s crucial that you’re willing to take a deep dive within and heal these wounds before you start dating, otherwise, you’ll continue to attract the same person with a different face who causes you grief,” Levister stated.

Levister emphasized that evaluating interests rather than settling is another excellent relationship-building tactic when finding your soul mate.