Netflix Teases a Staged Adaptation of ‘Stranger Things’ Amid a WGA Strike

After the WGA strike, the last season of Stranger Things couldn’t be made.

But Netflix has other plans to get Hawkins fans even more excited.

The new teaser for Stranger Things: The First Shadow, a stage play billed as the predecessor to the sci-fi series, hinted that something bigger will happen on Wednesday.

“The beginning of the Stranger Things story might hold the key to what comes next.”

The play is about a young man named Henry Creel, also known as “Vecna,” who moved to town with his family in 1959.

After the Henry/One/Vecna was revealed in season 4, The First Shadow will continue to show how he came to be. It will also show Jim Hopper, Joyce Maldonado, and Bob Newby when they were younger.

Kate Trefry, who wrote the screenplay for the original show, wrote the play. It will be put on in London’s West End at the end of 2023.