Netflix’s Latest Serial Killer Thriller Will Star Robert Pattinson

Adam McKay’s new Netflix movie “Average Height, Average Build” will star Robert Pattinson as the main character.

In his new movie, the handsome star will try out his comedy skills by playing. A serial killer who gets political agents to change laws to make it easier for his character to kill.

Amy Adams will play a politician, and Robert Pattinson will thrill fans with their killing stunts. Also cast is Robert Downey Jr. The movie is called a thriller/comedy, and McKay wrote the story and will be in charge of making it.

McKay is best known for making comedies like Stepbrothers, Anchorman, The Big Short, and more. After the success of his 2020 apocalypse comedy Don’t Look Up, he is back on Netflix with this movie.

After the Twilight saga, the Hollywood star’s work has taken a few different turns. Since then, Pattinson has played many parts in darker movies like this one, such as The Devil All the Time, Tenet, The Batman, The Lighthouse, and Good Time.