Netizens Renames Elon Musk as “Elon Khan” after Being Seen in Pakistan Buying Fruits

On social media, a meme depicting Elon Musk as a Pakistani man in Shalwar Qameez has gone viral. The billionaire, who has been known for quite some time to be the richest man in the world, is spotted on a Pakistani street dressed as a beggar. What then? Since he purchased fruits in Pakistan.

The rising prices of fruits in Pakistan have angered and frustrated a significant portion of the population, with many desiring to boycott their purchase. However, as usual, we approach our problems with humor, and this time it’s a meme circulating on social media.

Fruit chaat is a popular addition to iftar meals during the holy month of Ramadan. With fruit prices soaring, this has become a challenge for individuals.

“Elon Musk after purchasing fruits for Fruit chaat in Pakistan,” the image’s caption reads on multiple websites.

Multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, saw the spread of the meme.

“It appears that Elon Musk is disguising himself and spending time among the poor in Pakistan. I’ve always believed he was kind and generous “A user made a sarcastic remark.

“Elon Khan,” one individual joked.

While hundreds of users shared the meme, a single user expressed the same sentiment through a different meme. In their joke, Elon Musk’s entire body was severed after he purchased fruits in Pakistan.