New Jeans’ Danielle Will Dub ‘The Little Mermaid’

The Little Mermaid’s main character, Ariel, will be voiced by Danielle from the K-pop group New Jeans. The movie is based on a cartoon movie that came out in 1989.

The news was made public on May 12 by Walt Disney Company Korea, which wrote:

“Danielle will take on the role of Ariel and showcase a new side of herself by dubbing and singing for [the film’s] original soundtrack. We expect that Danielle, who is similar in age with and whose cheerful image resembles Ariel’s in the film, will bring out the charm of teenage girl Ariel, who is bubbly and curious.”

Disney Korea also showed a short clip of Danielle singing the song “Part of Your World,” which will be on the movie’s music.

The young idol’s popularity has grown a lot since her group’s first song, “Hype Boy,” came out last year. The song got a lot of interest around the world and in its own country, giving rise to a number of trends.

Their comebacks, like “Ditto” and “OMG,” were even bigger hits than when they first came out. They broke several records, topped the charts, and won awards left and right.