New Jeans’ ‘OMG’ Music Video Now Has Over 100 Million Views

The music video for the hit song “OMG” by the K-pop girl group New Jeans has been watched 100 million times. This is the MV that got the job done the quickest.

On May 13, more than 100 million people watched the (Performance ver.1) video of OMG. This is the second video of theirs to get over 100 million views. Their first video, for the song “Hype Boy,” was the first.

They first put out the music video on January 3, so it only took them about four months to reach this important milestone. Hype Boy had the record before him for about eight months and twelve days.

In related news, Danielle (one of our group members) will voice Ariel in the Korean dub of The Little Mermaid! Walt Disney Company Korea issued the following statement about the casting on May 12:

“Danielle will take on the role of Ariel and showcase a new side of herself by dubbing and singing for the film’s original soundtrack. We expect that Danielle, who is similar in age with and whose cheerful image resembles that of Ariel in the film, will bring out the charm of teenage girl Ariel, who is bubbly and full of curiosity.”