Newsmax Gave Tucker’s Whitewashing on January 6 Seven Times as Much Coverage As Fox

Fox News has given Tucker Carlson’s revisionist account of the January 6 Capitol riots relatively little publicity, despite the network’s biggest star having exclusive access to almost 40,000 hours of security footage from the riots. Conversely, would-be competitor Newsmax has adopted the primetime host’s explanation that the MAGA rioters were simply on a pleasant sightseeing tour. According to the liberal watchdog Media Matters, Newsmax allocated three hours and thirty-four minutes of airtime to Carlson’s coverage as of March 12.

Despite the fact that Carlson’s producers begged the network’s other shows to promote the Fox star’s segments, Fox has only devoted 32 minutes of attention to the video footage across six other shows. It is hardly unexpected that opinion programs like The Five and Hannity have turned a blind eye to Carlson’s whitewashing, especially in light of the fallout from the Dominion files. Carlson has received bipartisan criticism for his “baloney” account of the rioting, with the Capitol Police commander calling him out for his “cherry-picked” account.