Niall Horan Lets the Cat Out of the Bag About One Direction’s Group Chat

Niall Horan, who was a teacher on the most recent season of The Voice, has talked about what went on in the group chats of his old boy band, One Direction.

Horan told E! News in an interview that the old band members still talk to each other through group chats.

“We’ve had three or four group chats. Some of them have been more quiet than others. This new one is definitely louder than most, and it’s been great. I’m sure if I had a look at my phone in a few minutes, I’d see some messages.”

When asked if his old bandmates’ voices are on his new album, The Show, the singer from Nice to Meet You said, “No, that’s a simple answer.”

Horan was a teacher on season 23 of The Voice, and he recently said that he would love for his student Gina Miles to sing on the tour for his new album The Show.

“I feel like no one was listening, but this girl is…you know, a talent when you hear it. And this girl has got it. So yeah, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t open up for me at some point.”

In a past interview with Variety, Horan was asked if his fame from being in One Direction makes him feel more pressure in his solo work. He said it doesn’t. Horan went on to say that the former band members have a strong bond with each other and always help each other.