Nicolas Cage, Star of ‘Renfield’, Disputes Director’s Claims

Nicolas Cage doesn’t believe Renfield’s director Chris McKay when he says he stayed in character as Dracula during the shoot.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Ghost Rider actor said, “I just don’t remember Chris saying that. I don’t know why Chris said that.” “Chris McKay and Nick Hoult and I laughed a lot between takes, so maybe that was his experience. Or maybe it was because I still had the fangs in my mouth, which made me talk a certain way, but that wasn’t my experience.”

But Syfy said that the director of The Tomorrow War did not say that the Oscar winner never broke character.

Instead, the 49-year-old told Insider that the National Treasure star would keep a certain “attitude” toward the scene between takes.

McKay said, “No matter what scene we shot, he would still be 100% living in that attitude after we were done.” “So, if he’s a little cold in the scene, he’ll be a little cold between takes. But still interested in what we were doing.”

Renfield will be shown in theaters starting April 14.