Nissan Recalls 800,000 Automobiles Due to Safety Concerns

Due to engine concerns, Nissan has issued a recall for over 800,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada.

Nissan Rogues manufactured between 2014 and 2020 and Rogue Sports manufactured between 2017 and 2022 are affected.

The problem stems from the jackknife folding key. The automaker stated that when the key is partially opened and inserted into the ignition, the driver can activate the key fob and turn off the engine mistakenly. According to Nissan, a loss of power, non-functioning brakes, and non-deploying airbags would then be feasible.

In a voluntary recall notice, the business stated, “With time, the internal pivot of the jackknife key may weaken, allowing it to unlock and rotate downward.”

Nissan has not yet developed a solution for the issue. This month, the manufacturer will notify customers by mail that no other items should be attached to the key fob. If a solution to the problem has been discovered, they will receive a second warning to make corrections.

No events resulting from the primary problem have been recorded as of yet.