‘No Drama’ Between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the Red Carpet

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s behavior toward each other at a public event made some people look twice.

On May 10, the couple went to the premiere of Lopez’s new movie, “The Mother, in Los Angeles.” They seemed to be in a tiff.

However, all of the split rumors have been shot down by a source who said, “There was no drama on the red carpet. They’re very much in love.”

In her 2022 Apple Music interview, Lopez spoke very highly of Ben Affleck.

Jennifer talked about how she first fell in love with the star. She said, “I think what happened is, as we worked together on the movie Gigli, we became such good friends.”

At the time, the singer said this about her breakup: “We realized that we were crazy about each other. I found myself kind of thinking about him after the movie was over. And having to take care of my own business because I was coming out of a relationship at that time.”

She went on: “But it’s like you just knew it. It’s just like, “This is the person I want to be with.” And that happened over a period of months. It wasn’t instant because we weren’t allowed to do that. Yeah, it kind of grew over time.”