‘No Hard Feelings’ Previews Draw in $2.15 Million at Box Office

No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence’s latest R-rated comedy, got off to a great start at the box office by making $2.15 million in previews.

Experts in the business, on the other hand, think that the first weekend will be more average, with earnings of about $12 million. This prediction makes some people worried, especially since the movie cost $45 million.

R-rated comedies have been having trouble in theaters, where they have to work hard to keep people’s attention. Even though there have been exceptions, like Cocaine Bear, which made $87 million worldwide, the genre as a whole has had trouble getting people to go to the movies.

Gene Stupnitsky, who is known for his work on The Office as a writer and director, is in charge of the movie. He directed his first movie, the R-rated comedy Good Boys, in 2019.