North Gets a Death Glare from Kim Kardashian After Trying to Drink Khloe’s Champagne

Kim Kardashian and North West, her oldest daughter, are close, but the SKIMS founder still sets limits for the 10-year-old. In one of the most recent episodes of Hulu’s The Kardashians, the 42-year-old mother of four gave North the side eye when she saw her trying to sneak a sip of champagne. At the time, Kardashian was having dinner in Italy to celebrate her success as the creative director of the Dolce & Gabanna fashion show in Milan. A TikTok user named @andie.00 posted a video in which she said she thought the KKW Beauty founder saw her 9-year-old daughter trying to steal a sip of champagne from her aunt Khloé’s glass. Before the TikTok user explained what was going on, some fans thought the stare was meant for someone else.

“Kim’s side eye could of been for North,” she wrote in the caption, adding in the video: “I know they edited this so that way it looks like they’re taking a dig at Kourtney, but all I saw was North taking a little sippy sip off of Khloé’s drink and I don’t think she was drinking water.” She went on: “You see Khloé looking at the cameras hoping they didn’t catch it,” she said, then played back the clip and described what was happening.

The whole mess in Italy has been good for Kim, but bad for her older sister Kourtney. The founder of POOSH thought that Kim took ideas from her wedding, which happened four months before the fashion show. Kourtney didn’t want to help and thought Kim used her wedding to make a business deal with D&G.

Kim thought that the whole thing was a mix-up that was being overblown. Her fight with Kourtney started when they were both teenagers. Kourtney didn’t go to the party in Italy, and Kim told everyone that she had worn D&G for years and was married to Kanye West in Italy in 2013 before Kourtney married Travis Barker there.