Oklahoma Police Release Bodycam Footage of Officer Attempting to Avoid DUI

On Thursday, Capt. James French, who has worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department for 32 years, was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. The Oklahoma City Police Department let the public see the arrest video. In the video, French can be heard telling the officer who is arresting him that he is a police captain in the department’s investigations bureau and that he had three or four beers at a poker game earlier that night. French also constantly requests that the police turn off his body camera “so we can communicate.” The officer declines, stating, “I will not turn off my camera. You have to be fooling me.” After he struggles to pass field sobriety tests, French urges him to switch it off once more, invoking his rank. The officer can be heard stating, “I do not show bias to anyone, whatever.” “I don’t care whether you’re a thug or the President of the United States… If I were to treat you differently than I would a southside hoodlum or a pedo, how would that look on me?”