Oliver Stone Calls Putin ‘Refined’

Oliver Stone, who won an Oscar for directing, said that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is “a very refined person who speaks reasonably and quietly.”

The maker said these things as his new documentary, Nuclear Now, was coming out.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Oliver stone, who is known for movies like Wall Street, JFK, and Platoon, praised Vladimir Putin’s refined manner, even though he was very critical of Putin’s actions in the current Ukraine war.

The writer pointed out that the American film industry has a bias against Putin by saying that they show him as a Russian bear, even though he is a very sensible person.

When talking about his documentary, the director said, “It was the first time that Putin spoke in his own voice in an English-speaking series.”

He said that the fact that he liked Putin made it hard for him to get money for his new movie about nuclear energy.

Oliver said that material like Netflix was making it hard for documentaries like his to get funding.

He complained, “They don’t take geopolitically important subject matter,” and said that killings are what people like to watch.

He quickly talked about how hard it was to get money for the movie. He said that people wouldn’t even listen to us because nuclear has a bad name.

“Due to scientific evidence now, things are starting to tip,” the director said.