Olivia Rodrigo Wears a Bloody Angelina Jolie ‘Vampire’ T-Shirt

Olivia Rodrigo’s latest outfit on the street makes me think of her new song “Vampire.”

Olivia Rodrigo wore a bloody Angelina Jolie T-shirt to press events on Wednesday to promote her song “Vampire” and how scary it makes people feel.

Even though it’s not yet October, the Disney star looked ready for Halloween in a stylish t-shirt that paid tribute to her latest hit from her new record Guts, which came out on Friday.

The 20-year-old Driver’s License singer was seen in New York City wearing a handmade white graphic Angelina Tee from Hellcat NYC that had a picture of a young Angelina Jolie with a bloody lip.

Rodrigo paired the bold tee with a white tennis skirt, chunky Miu Miu leather penny shoes, Prada Symbole sunglasses, and a red lip.

Fans were quick to praise the singer’s creativity. One tweeted, “olivia rodrigo is wearing an angelina jolie T-shirt, she’s just like me,” and another called the outfit “beyond iconic.”

Fans were also surprised by how she connected her outfit to her new song by posting, “olivia rodrigo wearing an angelina jolie t-shirt… so vampire coded I’m crazy about it.

Angelina Jolie’s picture is from the famous Martin Schoeller photo shoot from 2003, and a rare print of the picture sold for $60,000 that same year.

Jolie looked like she was licking her lips in the shot because she was wearing a sample of her late husband Billy Bob Thornton’s blood as a necklace.