On Valentine’s Day, Americans Continue to Explore Diverse Relationships Via Dating Apps

While couples are preparing to shower each other with gifts and quality time on Valentine’s Day, a Pew Research Center research found that three in ten Americans are unmarried, and nearly half of them use dating apps to find companionship.

In online dating, Tinder looks to be the most popular option, with 46% of American singles claiming to have used the site. Approximately 10% of adults have used alternative services such as Bumble or Match.

*Image source: Pexels

Yet, as the use of online dating apps increases, are these pairings successful? At least half of respondents reported primarily favorable internet experiences, whereas 48% reported bad behavior. The study indicated that men were more likely than women to report favorable encounters. Lesbian, homosexual, and bisexual users were also more likely to report favorable encounters.

Many users of dating apps need to seek committed relationships. Only 42% of Americans reported preferring long-term relationships, while 51% said they were open to either a committed or casual relationship. This percentage was slightly more significant among men, at 56% than among women, at 44%.