Paris Hilton to Participate in MET Gala for ‘First Time’ in May

Hollywood star Paris Hilton will be at the MET Gala for the first time ever.

The annual Vogue fashion show will be held in Paris this year. So far, there are no new details about her outfit, but there are rumors that she will work with a top designer on it for the big event.

TMZ said that sources said, “Paris got the invite from Vogue and luckily she was available to go. It is unclear who she’ll be working with for the outfit, but a big accomplishment like this must warrant a big designer.”

At the moment, the celebrity is in Washington working to get the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act passed. She will fly straight from D.C. to the MET Gala.

Paris had previously tweeted, “After years of advocating to reform the Troubled Teen Industry, I’m back in D.C. to introduce the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act.”

She also wrote, “This bill is so personal to me as a survivor and I’m so proud we’ve gotten to this huge milestone. ‘What we are doing MATTERS. This bill is the justice we’ve been waiting for. No child deserves to be sexually, mentally, physically, or emotionally abused in the name of treatment. The time to stand up and fight is NOW.”