Penn Badgley’s Tweet About His Faith Has His Followers Guessing

Penn Badgley, who played Joe Goldberg on the Netflix show “You,” had a great conversation with a fan about Ramadan. This made people wonder what religion he is.

Badgley’s answer to a Twitter user who thought he had become a Muslim because of a GQ and Maison Valentino photoshoot where he was dressed like Muslims do, especially during the month of Ramadan, surprised many.

The user posted a screenshot of a photoshoot and claimed Badgley had “converted to Islam.”

Not only did the Gossip Girl star see the tweet, but he also responded to it in his own way. He called it one of his favorite takes and added: “You’re not too far off. As a Bahá’, I just got done fasting for the month of ‘Alá. Happy Ramadan, everybody!”

Muslims fast every day from dawn until dusk during the month of Ramadan. It’s supposed to be a time of spiritual discipline and deep thinking about one’s relationship with God. They prayed more, gave more money and time to charity, and studied the holy Quran very hard.

Fans had funny things to say about what Badgley said, with one saying: “My brother cares about and kills for love, but he also prays and fasts. Legend!”

Another user showed up and wrote, “Assalamualaikum, you,” making fun of the actor’s famous line from the show.

In his answer, the actor talked about The Bahá Faith, which seemed to confuse some people. It is a one-god religion that was started by a Persian nobleman named Bahá’u’lláh in the 1800s.