Pete Davidson Calls the Internet’s Obsession on His Love Life ‘Confusing’

Pete Davidson talked about his relationships and dating experiences and said that he doesn’t know why people are interested in his love life.

The 29-year-old Saturday Night Live star, who was recently linked to Emily Ratajkowski, said that dating 12 people in 10 years is “that crazy.”

Davidson defended his long list of famous girlfriends, which includes Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Emily Ratajkowski, and said that the backlash to his list is “confusing.”

The King of Staten Island said on Thursday’s episode of Real Ones with Jon Bernthal, “I’m not on Instagram. I’m not on social media. I’m not showing off if you know what I mean.

Davidson also said that he met all of his partners “at work” and that he wasn’t in anyone’s “direct messages.”

The comedian, who is currently with Chase Sui Wonders, said, “I’m not like flexing, do you know what I mean? I worked at one of the five places in Hollywood where people meet, and that’s how it happened. He also said that paparazzi taking pictures of him when he goes out is “out of my control.”

“Suddenly you’re in this zeitgeist, and that has nothing to do with the work. And that’s a really expletive feeling,” he said. “I was better known before I had work, but I was always working.”