Phillip Schofield Is Seen with His Mother After Retiring from ‘This Morning’

Phillip Schofield, who was a co-host on This Morning for 21 years, was seen out and about with his mother after he quit the show in a very public way. It looks like the reporter ran away from the cameras in London and went to Cornwall.

The long-time host’s retirement news came out on the same day he was in a car with his mother. He seemed sad. Reports say that Friday had already made a choice when his co-host told him that either he or she would leave the show.

After allegedly agreeing over text, he quit on the condition that he would get a solo project and be considered for other shows as well.

He looked stressed as he talked on the phone for about two hours while they sat in a parking lot. He also seemed sad as he vaped and looked out at the sea. The Mirror heard from a person that:

“Phil’s fate was decided on Friday. It was a unanimous decision that he had to go. He was upset but firm that if he was going to walk away, he wanted to keep his roles on The Cube, the British Soap Awards, and Dancing on Ice – crucially, with or without Holly. It has all been worked out in the smoothest way possible, but behind the scenes, he has told friends he has been hung out to dry. And his friendship with Holly is now in tatters. It is hard to see how it could recover. The fact he chose to pointedly thank people who supported him – and the viewers – without mentioning her says it all.”