Phillip Schofield’s Mother Returns with Health Concerns

After getting very sick and being taken to the hospital, Phillip Schofield’s mother has now gone back to their home in Cornwall. Pat, who is 87, has found her way back home, and Schofield is now taking care of her.

MailOnline said that a vigil was held at her bedside when the former host was in the hospital. Reports say that he plans to stay with her at her Newquay home while she gets better from an unknown illness.

Over the weekend, she was taken to the hospital because the stress of her other son’s prison term had hurt her health. Timothy Schofield was just given a 12-year prison term for sexually abusing a young boy.

A person who talked to MailOnline said, “It’s a relief for everyone that Pat is home, it has been a terribly torrid time for her. She has been under so much stress lately. It is a lot for anyone, let alone someone of her age. Phillip is playing the dutiful son and is planning to spend time in Cornwall caring for her.”

The source also said that Schofield has put his mother’s needs before his own, even though he is at the center of a major scandal after admitting to having an affair with a much younger man while still married to his wife.