Plane Loaded of Vomiting People Stranded at Closed Airport Overnight

Two passengers told WNCN that a Friday Southwest trip from Baltimore to Raleigh turned into a nine-hour nightmare featuring scared, vomiting passengers and an abandoned airport. A Southwest representative verified that the trip, which was anticipated to last roughly 75 minutes, ran out of fuel near Raleigh due to poor weather.

As the airplane approached the runway, Nicholas Reed, a passenger, reported that it began to shake “like crazy.” Both he and his girlfriend, Krys Spence, recalled witnessing at least three other people around them puke, and another individual who appeared to have a panic attack and pass out. Reed stated, “It was a truly terrifying experience.”

Flight data shows that the landing was stopped at 1,350 feet. The pair said the flight was redirected to Myrtle Beach International Airport, where passengers were kept on the plane for two hours before being released into the closed terminal for four. Reed stated, “We couldn’t travel anywhere because they wouldn’t give us our stuff.” Because there was no security, one group of men discovered a bar, got behind it, and began pouring drinks for themselves. Around 1 a.m., they were finally saved when an empty plane arrived and transported them to Raleigh.