Plans for Kendall Jenner’s Upcoming Engagement to Bad Bunny

Kendall Jenner allegedly told Bad Bunny that she wants to get engaged. This means that she wants to take her relationship with Bad Bunny to the next level.

A source told OK! that Kendall ‘feels’ that the Puerto Rican rapper is the one, even though they have only been together for six months.

A person said, “They’ve only been dating for six months, but things are serious and Kendall feels right about it.”

An source said, “She’s let him know that she’d love to get engaged.”

The model’s feelings were confirmed when she and the musician were seen getting close at Drake’s show.

The matriarch of the Kardashian Jenner family, Kris Jenner, has given Kendall’s request the go-ahead and asked the musician when he plans to pop the question.

“Kris straight up asked Bad Bunny when he was going to propose,” Kendall’s mother’s source said.

Jenner started dating Bad Bunny after her nearly two-year relationship with NBA star Devin Booker ended in 2022.