Police Believe a Drug Trafficker Underwent Cosmetic Surgery to Pose as a Korean Man

Police in Thailand who were searching for a heroin dealer discovered that their suspect had undergone multiple plastic surgeries to convert into a “handsome Korean man” in the week before his arrest. Saharat Sawangjaeng, age 25, had avoided law authorities for three months after undergoing a number of cosmetic treatments. Sawangjaeng, who used the Korean moniker Seong Jimin, was arrested in Bangkok last week, according to authorities, who added, “none of his original face remained.” The Bangkok police located Sawangjaeng by tracking the circulation of MDMA through purchasers and vendors. After being accused of unlawfully importing narcotics, he has recently admitted to ordering the party drug on the dark web. During his detention, Sawangjaeng reportedly stated, “I wish to start a new life in South Korea. I am exhausted by Thailand.”