Post Malone and Tyler Armes Reach a Settlement on the 2019 Single ‘Circles’

Tyler Armes, a member of a Canadian rock band, filed a lawsuit against Post Malone, alleging that he co-wrote the 2019 hit song Circles but was not given credit or compensation.

The accuser, Tyler Armes, revealed he had “significant input” on the bassline, keyboard chords, and guitar melody during the August 2018 recording session.

Even though the lyrics were not completed during that particular recording session, he said the final version of Circles is rhythmically and melodically identical to the version recorded with him.

The terms of the deal between Malone and Armes are still unknown, but The Hollywood Reporter said on March 21 that the court knew about it before picking the jury.

In response to Armes’ lawsuit, Malone filed a complaint in New York federal court, which stated, “It is an age-old tale in the music industry that when a song achieves the kind of runaway success that ‘Circles’ has, someone will emerge from the shadows, falsely claim credit for the song, and demand unjustified and unearned windfall profits from the song.”