Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Accused of Selling Their Most Deeply Personal Secrets

Piers Morgan said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a “double standard” and were being “hypocritical.”

Former co-host of Good Morning Britain claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sold their most intimate secrets.

In a piece he wrote for The Sun, Morgan said that Harry had done “fighting hard against the British press.” He told the younger son of King Charles III not to be in charge of the media.

He wrote, “From spilling mostly unsubstantiated royal beans to Oprah Winfrey and again in a six-part Netflix documentary series to podcasts, speeches, TV media tours, live-streamed therapy sessions, and a kiss-and-tell-all book, the Sussexes have left no private stone unturned as they sell their most intimate secrets to the highest bidders.”

“Nothing has been off limits, from Harry talking about his sexual exploits in lurid detail to his extensive drug use and even his frost-bitten ******,” Moran said.

Morgan criticized Harry’s move against the publications, saying, “It’s all the kind of deeply personal stuff that if a tabloid newspaper had published it, he would have gone crazy and told his already busy lawyers to sue.”

Morgan said, “The sad truth about Harry is that he’s become so self-centered that he can’t tell the real world from his dreams.”

Morgan said that Harry was being hypocritical when the Duke went to the High Court to attend the hearing for his case against Associated Newspapers over the “illegal” use of private investigators to get information.