Producers of the Fast Saga Have Admitted Responsibility for a Stunt Performer’s Accident

The people who made F9: The Fast Saga, the ninth movie in the Fast and the Furious series, have taken responsibility for an accident that hurt a stunt worker badly and for good.

In 2019, Joe Watts was practicing a fight scene at Leavesden Studios. He was an experienced stuntman who had worked on big-budget movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. He was standing in for Vin Diesel during practice when he was thrown from a balcony and fell more than 20 feet to a concrete floor.

It is said that a safety wire that was supposed to keep Watts from falling didn’t work, and that Watts missed the safety mat because the practice didn’t go as planned.

Watts got a broken skull, a severe brain injury, a mental injury, and damage to his shoulder because of the accident. After the accident, he was in a coma for five days.

His lawyers say that he now has a number of mental and physical problems that require him to get expert help and therapy. People have said that his injuries are “life changing.”