Prosecutors Has Decided Not to Press Charges Against The 6-Year-Old Who Shot The Teacher

On Wednesday, a Virginia municipal prosecutor told NBC News that the young boy who shot his first-grade teacher in January as she attempted to seize the handgun from him will not be charged with a crime. Newport News Commonwealth’s Attorney Howard Gwynn elaborated to 13News that “the possibility that a 6-year-old may stand trial is disturbing.” Given that “the widespread [expert] consensus is that a 6-year-old cannot form the necessary criminal intent to be guilty of aggravated assault,” a 6-year-old cannot be found guilty of aggravated assault. Gwynn could not reveal whether or not his agency has decided to file charges against any adults involved in the case. The killing of teacher Abigail Zwerner on January 6 at Richneck Elementary School generated worldwide publicity and pressure that led to the dismissal of the school’s superintendent, the reassignment of its principal, and the resignation of its vice principal.