Report Elon Musk Altered Twitter Algorithm to Boost His Numbers

Remember that individual who everyone believed would invade Mars? According to Platformer, he is now known as the individual who intentionally inundated everyone else’s Twitter feeds with his own messages.

According to the tech website, Elon Musk asked Twitter’s developers to write code that would provide him “unprecedented promotion of his tweets to the whole user base,” with the new algorithm giving the billionaire’s tweets a boost over those of practically everyone else. Sunday’s Super Bowl, according to Platformer, was the catalyst for this episode of megalomania.

Image source: Pexelbay

He was particularly annoyed when his tweet regarding the game performed worse than one sent by the US President (earning 9.1 million and nearly 29 million impressions, respectively). Musk’s cousin informed Twitter’s team of this “urgent” issue at 2:36 a.m. the next morning; it was “fixed” that same day. According to a current worker interviewed by Platformer, Musk was using Twitter “to impose engagement on all people to hear only his voice,” and “I don’t believe he wants what’s best for everyone here anymore,” the employee added.