Retrial Given to Longest-Serving Death Row Prisoner in the World

On Monday, a court in Japan granted a retrial to a man believed to be the world’s longest-serving death row prisoner. In 1968, 87-year-old Iwao Hakamada was convicted of murdering a family of four and condemned to death by hanging. Hakamada was on death row for 45 years before he was freed in 2014 because new evidence showed that the authorities may have made up evidence in the case. 43 years after his death sentence was confirmed in 1980, the Tokyo high court has recently determined that the former boxer’s case should be retried. Hideko, his 90-year-old sister, remarked, “I have waited 57 years for this day, and it has finally come.” “A burden has finally been removed from my shoulders.” Hideaki Nakagawa, the director of Amnesty International Japan, stated that Hakamada’s conviction was “based on a forced ‘confession,’ and there are severe issues about the other evidence used against him.”