Richard Keys Marries a Close Friend of His Daughters

Sky Sports host Richard Keys married Lucie Rose, a friend of his daughter’s, seven years after he was caught cheating on his sick wife while she fought cancer.

A guest at the wedding shared on Instagram photos of the pair saying their vows.

Lucie Rose, who is now Key’s wife, is 32 years younger than he is.

Richard, a football reporter for beIN Sports, is wearing a grey suit and a dark grey tie. Lucie, a lawyer who was thought to be friends with Richard’s daughter Jemma, is wearing a white wedding dress with a big skirt and a long veil.

The Mirror says that the couple got married in Devon at a wedding that took place outside.

Jemma, the daughter of a Sky Sports host, wasn’t in any of the pictures that were posted online.

The article said that Jemma and her father had a fight after the rumored affair came to light.