Rihanna Explains How She Thwarted Attempts by the Paparazzi to Capture Photographs of Her Son

Although Rihanna can handle herself, the paparazzi should avoid her infant. In a cover story for British Vogue published on Wednesday, the pop star claimed that she thwarted reporters by emailing a casual blogger photos before joining TikTok to broadcast a video of her baby. She referred to the fact that paparazzi were engaged in bidding wars to obtain the first photograph of her baby, whom she gave birth to in May, as “parents, it just feels so horrible, like a violation.” “Put me in with the wolves. Deal with me whatever you like. But he has no input into all of this,” she added. We’ve been guarding him up to this point, and you don’t have my permission to sell or post pictures of my underage child. With that, leave the area immediately. For those interested, Rihanna also discussed the possibility of new songs. She’s prepared to produce some, specifically music videos. She said, “I need the appropriate background music with the visuals. I can’t just go record myself talking and upload it.”