Ringo Starr Denies Last Beatles Album Had John Lennon’s AI-Generated Voice

Ringo Starr has set the record straight by saying that the “last Beatles record” coming out this year will not have fake sounds of the late John Lennon.

Starr will say that the band would never use AI to imitate Lennon’s voice in an upcoming Rolling Stone Music Now show episode.

Also, he revealed that lead guitarist George Harrison’s vocals, which were recorded before he died in 2001, will be on the farewell album. Starr says it is the last song with all four of them, and he stands by this.

Paul McCartney had already said that AI technology was used to pull Lennon’s voice from an old record so that it could be used to make a new Beatles song.

McCartney said that AI was used to separate the band members’ words from the background sounds during the making of “The Beatles: Get Back,” a documentary series by director Peter Jackson.

They were able to separate John’s words from the rest of the record by using technology. McCartney was both worried and excited about AI. He acknowledged its potential and said that we need to see where it goes.

Ringo Starr also said he had no plans to write a book and vowed to keep playing drums instead.