Romanian Authorities Have Charged Andrew Tate with Rape and Human Trafficking

Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer and former professional kickboxer, is said to have been charged in Romania with rape and people trafficking.

In December 2022, Romanian anti-terrorism police caught Andrew Tate. He is now being accused of putting together an organized crime group to sexually abuse women.

The accusation says that Tate and three other people sold people in Romania, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Along with him, his brother Tristan and two other people have also been charged. Since March, the brothers have been held at home in Bucharest.

The charges are based on what is said to have happened to seven women, but the Tates have rejected the claims.

Prosecutors think that the Tates used and took advantage of women to make and share pornographic material on sites like OnlyFans. Andrew Tate became well-known after he was a guest on the UK reality show “Big Brother” in 2016. On the show, he was criticized for racist and sexist tweets he had written.

He was kicked off the show after a video of him hitting a lady with a belt came out, even though both of them said it was okay.