Ron DeSantis Is Interrogated About School Safety Five Years After the Parkland Shooting

On Tuesday, a reporter questioned controversial Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about the state of school safety in Florida, exactly five years after a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, killed 17 people and another on Monday at Michigan State University killed 3. “When I became governor, I got to meet many of the families,” DeSantis said, adding without going into detail, “We’ve spent over $1 billion to improve school safety.”

*Image source: Octavio Jones/Reuters

We’ve worked hard to bring accountability to those who might have prevented this individual from being in this position, whether by removing the sheriff of the county or by convening a grand jury on school security, which led to the removal of several school board members. He said, “The superintendent has been replaced.” During his candidacy for governor in March 2018, DeSantis rejected a red flag statute passed by Florida.