Ronan Keating Returns Home After His Brother’s Passing

Ronan Keating, an Irish singer, is said to have “dropped everything” and come home to support his family after his brother’s sudden death. His older brother was killed in a terrible car accident that also hurt his sister-in-law.

Ciaran Keating was born in Ireland, in the town of Louisburgh. When the terrible accident happened, he and his wife, Ann Marie, were on their way to watch their son Ruair play football. A person close to Ronan said that the singer is “devastated” but is “trying to stay strong for the sake of his family.”

Several famous people, including his former bandmate Keith Duffy, sent their respects to the singer.

Ciaran, a proud father of three, was on the N5 around 3:35 p.m. near Swinford, County Mayo, on a road that is often called a “black spot” for car crashes.

When the crash happened, the couple was on their way to see their 28-year-old son play for Cork City against the Sligo Rovers in a League of Ireland game.

Keith Duffy took to social media to express his sorrow, saying, “I can’t comprehend the loss and devastation of My brother @rokeating and all the Keating family. All my family is praying and thinking of our Keating family right now. Ciaran, from the early days you toured with us, you were a great guide on our journey in the early days. You helped and supported us young, innocent kids. Take your place in heaven, buddy, with your Mam Marie.”