Rosa Parks’ Race Is Removed From Textbook Due to ‘Anti-Woke’ Florida Pressure

According to a version of a historical studies textbook reviewed by The New York Times, one education business is purportedly whitewashing the story of Rosa Parks to eliminate any mention of race to maintain sales in the state of Florida. Due to unjust segregation regulations, Parks was famously ordered to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, because of her race. Yet, she refused and became a symbol of the civil rights movement. In a new textbook created by Studies Weekly, a company that primarily serves younger pupils, all references to race and segregation have been eliminated. According to the publication, the lesson states, “She was asked to change to a different seat.” It is unclear whether the version was officially submitted for review in Florida, despite the fact that it was accessible on the publisher’s website as late as last week. As part of an examination into the impact of “anti-woke” education regulations backed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his right allies, the Times has unearthed this event, among others. Another textbook was supposedly modified to include a complicated paragraph on slavery that omitted all references to race, stating that it was illegal for “men of particular groups” to be unemployed.