Rosé of Blackpink Reveals the Five Products She Can’t Live Without

Rosé from the K-pop group Blackpink told the five most important things in her bag. The singer talked about what she keeps in her Saint Laurent bag. She is the world brand ambassador for that brand.

In a film for Vogue France, she said that blotting paper with mattifying powder is her first must-have item when she knows there will be cameras around. She said she keeps them with her to soak up any oil on her face and make it less shiny.

Her second item is safety pins, which she keeps on hand in case anything goes wrong with her clothes, like if she buys a pair of pants and then sees they’re too big.

Her third product is pimple patches. She showed off a cute pack of them and said that they made “getting pimples a little bit more fun.”

The fourth product is a spice packet that she takes from “extremely spicy ramen noodles” and adds to any food that she doesn’t think is spicy enough.

Her last and most important item is her speakers. Even though wireless headphones are more popular than ever, Rosé prefers to use wired ones. She reveals why: “I’m not very good at charging things.”

So she doesn’t lose her earphones, she clips them to her purse, which she “absolutely must have on [her] bag at all times.”