Royal Family Applauds Katy Perry’s ‘Fantastic’ Coronation Concert Performance

Katy Perry, who performed strongly at the coronation concert a day after King Charles was crowned, has said that she stayed at Windsor Castle before she sang “Firework.”

Both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, two of the judges on American Idol, are very close to King Charles.

On Sunday, they were the main act at the coronation show.

The Roar singer went to Westminster Abbey to see King Charles get crowned. She also said that she brought her mother to the UK to see this important event.

Katy posted lovely backstage photographs from before the show to her Instagram and Twitter accounts afterward.

One of the pictures shows her hugging her mother, Mary Perry.

In the post’s description, Katy Perry wrote, “My #idol set is a little different today #CoronationConcert.”

The royal family said, “Thank you for a fantastic performance at the #CoronationConcert!”