RuPaul Slams Republican ‘Stunt Queens’ For Anti-Drag Laws

On Wednesday, drag queen and television legend RuPaul turned to social media to criticize the recent avalanche of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, notably those targeting the transgender community and outlawing drag shows.

The queen referred to the Republican legislators behind the legislation as “bullies… inept at resolving actual issues” and stated.” They look for easy targets to give the idea that they are effective. They view our love, light, laughing, and happiness as indicators of our weaknesses. But, they are mistaken because that is our greatest strength.” Next, he asked his audience to “register to vote so that we may oust these “stunt queens” from office and replace them with intelligent, solution-oriented individuals.” The 62-year-call old’s action comes days after Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed two legislation prohibiting gender-affirming care for minors and severely regulating drag shows into law.