Ryan Gosling Honors Eva Mendes with ‘Barbie’ Premiere ‘E’ Pendant

Ryan Gosling wore an ‘E’ pendant to the Barbie screening to honor his longtime girlfriend, Eva Mendes.

Eva couldn’t go to the big event with Ryan for unknown reasons, but he gave her a charm to let everyone know she was there.

At the premiere, Ryan actually kept his dream girl close to his heart by wearing a pink letter “E” pendant and a pink pantsuit.

He removed the top button of his shirt so that you could clearly see the letter “E”.

When the first picture of Barbie came out, the 49-year-old actress posted a picture of Ryan’s character Ken wearing a denim outfit and boxers with the Ken brand.

She wrote, “So. F. Funny.” under the picture. So. F. Good. So F glad you’ll see this… #Thatsmyken.”

The picture got a lot of attention right away on social media. People say that she also talked about the picture she shared in an interview.

“It’s a funny photo, and he’s trying to be funny, so it worked on all levels,” she told the show’s hosts. “But when I saw it, when he sent it to me from work, I was like, ‘Can I please have that underwear? Please, I never ask for anything.”

“So, anyway, I do have it.” She went on to say, “I’m wearing it right now.” and that she thinks Gosling has started a “Ken-aissance.”